Oct. 17 (Fri.) ,2014  12:00-13:00

Annex Hall


SCREEN Holdings

The Comparative Advantage of 3D Cell Cultivation and the Great Possibility of Imaging Assay

In recent years, the drug discovery research and the cell theme by 3-dimensional cultivation are enlighted. Co-Founder and Head of Research of InSphero will explain the state-of-the-art 3-dimensional cultivation technology and its usefulness by showing concreted results. In this session, anather lecture by Ph. D Nakano of Tokyo Institute of Technology will be excuted. It's about the possibility and expectation for drug discovery research by an imaging system. Dainippon Screen is sure to offer useful product solution to your research in these presentations.

Automated Analysis of Scaffold-free 3D Tumor Microtissues: From Discovery to Target Validation

Wolfgang Moritz

Co-Founder and Head of Research, InSphero AG, Switzerland

HTS friendly Anticancer Drug Screening in 3D Culture by Dainippon SCREEN "Cell3iMager": Different Sensitivity of Single Spheroid Cancer Cells with activation of NRSF, Myc or K-Ras.

Hirofumi Nakano

Tokyo Institute of Technology

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