Exhibitor's Presentation Oct. 17(Thu.), 2014 14:50~15:05 Site C
InSphero (Presentation in English)

Wolfgang Moritz

Head of Research and Applications, Research and Applications

3D Microtissues: A Versatile Tool for Drug Development and Safety Assessment

Today’s drug discovery industry is challenged by constantly rising development costs not at least due to increasing safety concerns and regulatory requirements. There is a need for improved in vitro models based on which drug candidates can be sorted out more selectively prior to creating high attrition costs in pre-clinical or clinical trials. The combination of major tissue-specific cell types into scaffold-free, three-dimensional spheroid microtissues offers new possibilities for better de-risking of compounds and biologicals. The presentation illustrates three key applications in drug development: (1) target finding (3D siRNA screening), (2) target validation (immunomodulatory antibodies) and (3) safety assessment (liver toxicity).

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