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主催者セミナー / スポンサーセミナー / ランチョンセミナー出展者プレゼンテーション / アカデミックシーズ発表会 / グローバルパートナリングセミナーオープンステージセミナーオープンステージセミナー

2016 BioJapan /Regenerative Medicine Japan Open Stage Seminar

Organizer Seminars

Oct. 12 (Wed.)


Bioindustry Association Award,
Fermentation and Metabolism Research Award,
Award for Researches on Chemical and Biological Materials

Oct. 14 (Fri.)



【Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine】

Introduction of FIRM Guide for Transportation of Human Cell and Tissue Products

Introduction of FIRM Case Studies for
Standards of Structure and Equipment (Article 42 of act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine)

Introduction of FIRM Guide for Automatic Cell Culturing Equipment

FIRM working on International Standards - ISO/TC 276 (Biotechnology)


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