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Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase your visibility at the event through sponsorship!

A range of options are on offer to help you advertise more efficiently to other participants at the event. Get in touch for more information about our tailor-made sponsorship opportunities!

BioJapan Partnering Sponsor

■Refreshments Sponsor

*Company name (logo) on onsite signage and paper cups within the refreshments area for Partnering participants.

Sponsorship fee JPY1,500,000~
(tax excluded)

■Party Sponsor

*Naming rights to the evening party on day 2

*Company name (logo) on onsite signage at the evening party on day 2

Sponsorship fee JPY1,000,000~
(tax excluded)

BioJapan Matching System Sponsor

*Company name (logo) on the login page of the BioJapan matching system and screensaver at the terminal service in the partnering area

Sponsorship fee JPY500,000 (tax excluded)

Signage – Hanging banner above the escalator

Increase your company's visibility by hanging advertising banners above the escalators, which most visitors use to approach the exhibition hall entrance.

  • CMYK printing on both sides (limited to four banners)
  • Banner size: W1,100×H4,100mm

*Please supply ad manuscripts in print-ready format with a complete set of required data. (Company logo can be submitted instead)

Advertising fee JPY400,000 (tax excluded)

Ad in official show guide

We invite exhibitors to post an advertisement on the official guidebook which includes exhibitor information, venue map, the seminar program and other essential information. The guidebook will be handed out for free to all visitors. It is a valuable information source that can be utilized by visitors even after the exhibition period.

  • 4 color printing
  • Size of guidebook: A4 (W210×H297mm)

*Please supply ad manuscripts in print-ready format with a complete set of required data.

Advertising fee JPY200,000~ (tax excluded)

E-mail newsletter

We also offer e-mail newsletters for reaching out to prospective visitors. Substantial synergy effect can be achieved when combined with various sponsorships.

Number of DM targets: approx. 30,000 (*subscribers, past visitors to BioJapan, etc.)

  • Type of mail: One-shot mail or include a 5-line blurb in the e-mail newsletter by the organizer.
  • Format: HTML or plain text

*Date of e-mail newsletter blast is subject to confirmation.

*Personal information of prospective visitors will not be disclosed to exhibitors.

Advertising fee JPY50,000~ (tax excluded)

Microsite on official website

A dedicated webpage introducing your exhibiting information / seminar can be created in the official website. Attract interested participants by introducing your seminar program in advance.

*Please contact the Secretariat for detailed information.

Fee JPY200,000 (tax excluded)

[Special program] Partnering Party Supporter

We are inviting exhibitors who can provide their own company's products or their country's products (food and beverages) to became party supporters for the Partnering Party on day 2. This post-convention venue will have a more relaxed atmosphere than the business discussions during the day; it is a great opportunity for registered members to initiate business discussions the next day or promote their own companies, by enjoying the various products available at the party. We invite you to come and join us, and make this year’s party a great success.

*On the day of the party, each supporter will be given tables with the names of exhibitors. The food and drinks provided will be placed and replenished by the Secretariat, allowing participants to enjoy the event in a self –service style.



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