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Success Stories

Berlin Partner / Cluster HealthCapital Berlin

Berlin Partner

Berlin Partner

"At BioJapan we felt an incredible interest from Japanese companies towards R&D- and development-partnerships with our cluster HealthCapital. It was easy for us to meet the right people and we hope to facilitate even more collaborations this year."

Carolin Clement,
Head of Unit Biotech | Pharma

Participants in BioJapan since 2012

Main Partnering Objectives:

“Building bridges between Japan and Berlin when it comes to research collaboration or market access – for the SMEs in our cluster and Japanese companies with an interest in the EU market.”


“Our networks have been steadily growing. We were able to build good relations with influential Japanese clusters and initiatives. Those contacts have already helped our companies to engage in partnerships in Japan.”

Sphere Fluidics Ltd. (via the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation)

First participated in BioJapan 2016

Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics

"The partnering process was very well organized and the exhibition was of a very high standard. Excellent overall."

Dr Frank F. Craig, CEO,
Sphere Fluidics

Main Partnering Objectives:

“To learn more about the Japanese pharmaceutical market and to find a distributor.”

  • Identified 5 potential distributors and already set to sign up two of them.
  • Learned more about the Japanese market and identified sales leads
  • Will launch new single cell analysis system (Cyto-Mine®) in Japan in May 2017.

Proteo-Science Center, Ehime University (Protein Island Matsuyama Project)

  • Continuous participation in BioJapan from 2013-2016. Booth presentation organized by collaboration of Ehime Univ., Ehime Prefecture & CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd.
  • Forged two research partnerships with a domestic chemical company and a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Developed new protein expression kit based on collaboration between CellFree Sciences and a domestic chemical company.
  • Announced technical lecture course in presenter seminar, and obtained new participants.
Takafumi TSUBOI

“The matching system and partnering events, provided by BioJapan, gave us chance to appeal our technologies and seeds to pharmaceuticals and industries. Scientists in Ehime University attended discussions with business partners, and explained their technologies by themselves. It contributed to benefit both academia and company sides”.

Director, Proteo-Science Center
Takafumi TSUBOI

Cell-Free Membrane Protein Production System

Commercialization and the product sold:
Cell-Free Membrane Protein Production System

Membrane proteins are an important drug target. We developed a new method to synthesize membrane proteins in vitro. Large amount of membrane proteins can be synthesized in a short time with high success rate, and it is useful to prepare immunizing antigen for antibody development against membrane proteins. A cell-free membrane protein synthesis kit based on our technology is available from CellFree Sciences. Many global and domestic companies introduced the kit.

PharmaDesign, Inc.

  • Continuous participation in BioJapan from 2010-2014.
  • Concluded sales contracts with three pharmaceutical companies met at BioJapan, providing them with Compound Libraries - PharmaDesign’s main product. Contracts are worth about 150,000 USD.
  • Negotiations with companies newly met at BioJapan2014 are still ongoing.

“We had good business talks at BioJapan. We met many foreign companies and our booth presentation also attracted a large number of people.”

President and Chief Executive Officer


Pharma PPI Chemical Library

The product sold:
- Pharma PPI Chemical Library -

The Pharma PPI Chemical Library is a library of more than 1000 types of small-molecule compounds based on Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) . It has been developed using PharmaDesign’s proprietary PPI search technology (Dr. PIAS) and our virtual screening know-how.

Waseda University Research Collaboration and Promotion Center 

  • Continuous participation in BioJapan from 2010-2014.
  • Concluded 3 research partnerships with domestic and foreign partners, worth 200,000 USD in funding and licensing fees.
  • Discussing joint research with a potential partner met at BioJapan2014 .
Kuniki KINO

“BioJapan is a perfect opportunity to present our university’s research results and to get a grasp of the market. Trough the partnering meetings, we better understand the market value of our technology in relation to market needs. This is very effective to give feed back to our researchers and to evaluate the intellectual property in our university”.

Director, Research Collaboration and Promotion Center

Kuniki KINO

Melanoma diagnosis support system

industry-academia collaboration
- Melanoma diagnosis support system -

Because Japan has a relatively low number of cases of Melanoma, we were seeking clinical research for our diagnosis support system overseas. Through BioJapan we managed to start a foreign clinical study and at BioJapan 2014 we received another interesting offer. Together with a foreign company, we also extend the application range of our system, and it led to a successful technology transfer. (50,000 USD)

Embassy of Sweden

Hans G. Rhodiner
Embassy of Sweden

BioJapan is an extremely valuable opportunity for Swedish Life Science companies to partner with Japanese companies and research institutes in Pharma, Medical devices, Regenerative medicine and other Biotechnology fields. Business Sweden at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo organizes each year a delegation of Swedish Bio clusters and Biotech companies to BioJapan. The Partnering allows to have efficient meetings with Japanese counterparts about business cooperation and joint research. At the Swedish booth, we take care of Japanese requests about joint research with Swedish companies and research institutes and offer our continuous support for Swedish-Japanese cooperation.

Head of Investment Promotion,
Japan & Korea Embassy of Sweden, Investment Office
Hans G. Rhodiner


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