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Novosanis attending Life Sciences week and BioJapan


A 2016 Nobel Prize for Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi is an even bigger win for the world.


Introduction to the National Center Biobank Network


NanoCarrier: Results of a Phase Ib Clinical Study of NC-6004 in the US


Licensing out: treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder)


Human recombinant Tissue Factor-based hemostat


In vitro 3D culture platform for drug developments and regenerative medicine


Contactless Mastication Detector and Eye-Blink Analyzer


Vorpal Technologies delivers End-to-End Solutions for Success in Japan’s Healthcare Market


RX sterile single dose vials (Blow-Fill-Seal), with FDA approval


INCJ and 10 portfolio companies in the health and medical field to jointly exhibit at BioJapan 2016


Latest advanced research activities and achievements in Okayama University


Computational drug discovery using Big Data and machine learning.


Presentation Program at AIST Booth (A-40)


International service provider, looking for partners who are interested in education business development.


Drug Discovery Through Zebrafish, outsourcing innovative solutions for your novel molecule screenings


Pharma's partner of choice for discovery services


Tokyo Future Style opens a new global office in Taipei


Webinar Series: Regulations and approval process for veterinary drugs in different regions of the world


3D cell culture plate <Elplasia> - You can get hundreds of spheroids in one well with uniformed size, easily.


Novel bio-adhesive hemostatics, "PyteQ", was developed, and now available. Animal clinical studies are ongoing with Exosomes- and DNA-Vaccines against tumors. Looking for Partners for Production, Sale & Joint Development


We support your pharmacology. May we help with your monkey studies?

Exhibitor Information

We welcome you to exhibit at BioJapan

The gateway for bio-business in Japan and around the world.

Category of Exhibits

Drug and
drug discovery
  • Small-molecule drug, biologics, and vaccine
  • Drug delivery system (DDS)
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
Drug Discovery
support and
contract services
  • Drug synthesis services
  • Analysis contract services
  • Chemical compound libraries and screening
  • Contract services for raising laboratory animals and conducting animal testing
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Site management organizations (SMOs)
  • Corporate research support software and laboratory information systems
Medical treatment,
and medical devices
and equipments
  • Gene therapy
  • Regenerative medicine encompassing cells, culture solutions, culture mediums, reagents, etc.
  • Immunotherapy
  • Genetic testing
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Biomarkers
  • Medical devices
  • Micro-chemicals for micro total analysis systems (TAS), biochips, biosensors, etc.
and livestock raising
  • Functional food and food ingredients
  • Food additives and food-use enzymes
  • Food testing
  • Breed improvement
  • Incubation, cultivation, and preservation
  • Veterinary medicine and vaccine
Chemical products
and cosmetics
  • Biorefinery
  • Cosmetics including raw materials and finished products
  • Chemical products including raw materials and finished products
Environment and
  • Biomaterials and bioenergy
  • Biomass plastics
  • Environmental restoration, waste processing and recycling
  • Environmental testing
Research devices,
disposables and
  • Research devices
  • Bioinformatics
  • Bioimaging
  • Research-use reagents including chemicals, nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies
  • Research-use disposables including chips, plates, columns, and membranes
  • Contract services for raising laboratory animals
  • Equipment, facilities, and factories
Universities and
  • Technology licensing organizations (TLOs)
  • Collaborative projects between industry and academia
Intellectual property,
and financial services
  • Patent offices and services covering patents and intellectual property
  • Law firms and legal services
  • Venture capital and institutional investors
  • Stock exchanges and securities companies
  • Accounting firms
government and
public support
  • Support for corporate R&D and researchers
  • Assistance in localizing and attracting industry
  • Assistance in entering foreign markets
Other services
  • Temporary staff services
  • Transport, international delivery, and storage services
  • Consulting on technology, manufacturing, management, financial and other areas

Exhibition fee (tax excluded)

■9m² raw space 3m x 3m = 9m2 (Space only)

Early bird


*Order accepted by March 31, 2016

Regular JPY450,000
Exhibit booth
Regular JPY110,000〜

*excl.space fee

  • Package booth with minimum equipment is available. It is a cost-effective package for exhibiting.

For more information

■ARTFREAK Co.,Ltd.  TEL:+81-03-3537-2211  Email: bioJapan@artfreak.co.jp

■For Pharma Companies

■For Academia

■For first time Exhibitor

Exhibitor Benefits

Your exhibition fee covers:

  • Your company name listed in the official BioJapan 2016 guidebook
  • Your company listed in the directory on the BioJapan 2016 website
  • Partnering registration(s) with the following services:
Category Matching member registrations Each matching member
registration covers:
Regular exhibitor 4 registrations per 9m2
  • Access to the matching system
  • Access to the Exhibition & Seminar venues and the partnering area
  • Access to the two evening parties
Trial booth exhibitor 1 registration
University TLO booth
Academic Package exhibitor
1 registration
  • Regular fee
    JPY60,000 (incl. tax) per 1 registration

Sponsor Seminars / Luncheon Seminars / Exhibitor Presentations / Partnering & Presentations

Sponsor Seminars (tax excluded) JPY600,000
Luncheon Seminars (tax excluded) JPY1,200,000
Exhibitor Presentations
(tax excluded)
[Exhibitor only]
Regular exhibitors JPY 250,000 per 30 mins.
Trial booth exhibitors JPY100,000 per 30 mins.
University TLO booths JPY50,000 per 30 mins.


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