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- Change of Booth No.
Research Center for Medical Plant Resources National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation Health and Nutrition: D-13


National Center Biobank Network ― Introduction to 6NC―

Lonza Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility in Houston, TX, Area to Complete Construction on Schedule in 2017

Lonza to Increase and Expand Capabilities for Drug Product Services for Parenteral Dosage Forms

Lonza Pharma&Biotech Launches Ibex™ Solutions – An Innovative New Concept in Biological Manufacturing and Development


SIRION Biotech and Vibalogics partner to offer complete Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) services
SIRION Biotech (Bavarian Pavilion: D06)
SIRION and Vibalogics


Press release Dutch Food CRC NIZO presents microbiome capability with the Holland Pavilion at BioJapan 2017.


INCJ and 9 portfolio companies in the health and medical field to jointly exhibit at BioJapan 2017

Development of Rehabilitation system based on real-time electroencephalogram analysis

Production of genetic test strip enabling simple infectious diseases test and export to ASEAN countries


【AIST Sponsor Seminar】Challenge to merging digital and biotechnologies


Inauguration of Shonan Research Center

CiRA and Takeda Enter 10-year Collaboration on iPS Cell Research

Takeda Announces the Start of Operations for AXCELEAD at its Shonan Research Center

Takeda and Noile-Immune Biotech Collaborate to Advance Next Generation CAR-T Cell Therapy Effective for Solid Tumors


【Exhibitor Presentation】IT changes drug developments / Device technologies of AIST


DefiniGEN announces collaboration with Kishida Chemical to develop their iPSC-derived disease model business in the Japanese pharmaceutical market

Exhibitor Information

Exhibit at Regenerative Medicine Japan, your gateway to the Regenerative Medicine industry in Asia.

Exhibition Fees

■ Standard Exhibitors (includes Raw Space only)
1 Space (3m×3m=9m²)
Combine multiple spaces for larger booths.

Early Bird Discount Fee
(available until March 31, 2017)
400,000 JPY (excl. tax) / space
Standard Exhibition Fee 450,000 JPY (excl. tax) / space
Type of Booth Raw space only. Arrange your own booth or order one of our low-cost package booths:
Click here for details
Partnering System Accounts Included 4 accounts / space
Optional 30-minute Presentation
in Exhibition Hall
250,000 JPY (excl. tax) / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY (incl. tax) / account
  • Exhibitors choosing this option must either provide their own booth or purchase a package booth from the exhibition’s official contractor (see below).

■ Trial Booths (for First-time Exhibitors only)
1 Booth (2m×2m=4m²)

Fee 190,000 JPY (excl. tax) / booth
Type of Booth 4m² Package booth:
Click here for details
Partnering System Accounts Included 1 account / booth
Optional 30-minute Presentation
in Exhibition Hall
100,000 JPY (excl. tax) / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY (incl. tax) / account

■ Academic Package (for Universities/TLOs only)
1 Booth (2m×2m=4m²) + 30-minute Presentation

Fee 120,000 JPY (excl. tax) / booth
Type of Booth 4m² Package Booth
30-minute Presentation
Click here for details

Partnering System Accounts Included 1 account / booth
Optional Additional Booth 70,000 JPY (excl. tax) / booth
Additional 30-minute Presentation 50,000 JPY (excl. tax) / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY (incl. tax) / account
  • Includes a pre-fabricated exhibition booth (2m×2m=4m²) with basic equipment and a 30-minute presentation. Total value = 150,000 JPY (excl. tax).
  • If you only require an exhibition booth (and no presentation), the total fee is 100,000 JPY (excl. tax).

Optional Package Booths

  • A range of low-cost package booths are on offer:

Example Package Booths (for Standard Exhibitors):

Exhibit Booth (9m²)
Wall Panel1 set (H2,700mm)
Fascia Board1 set (H300mm)
Company Name Sign1 set (W1,500mm×H200mm)
Carpet1 set (Punch Carpet)
Information UnitInformation Counter×1, Folding Chair×1
Business Card Holder1
Catalog StandA4 Size×6 levels
LightingFluorescent Light×2, Spot Light×2
Electrical Outlet500w×1 (2 outlets)
Electrical Power Supply1Kw
Exhibit Booth (18m²)
Wall Panel 1 set (H2,700mm)
Fascia Board 1 set (H300mm)
Company Name Sign 1 set (W1,500mm×H200mm)
Carpet 1 set (Punch Carpet)
Information Unit Information Counter×1, Folding Chair×1
Business Card Holder 1
Catalog Stand A4 Size×6 levels
Lighting Fluorescent Light×4, Spot Light×4
Electrical Outlet 500w×2(4 outlets total)
Electrical Power Supply 2Kw

International Delegations

If your country or region is hosting a pavilion, why not join them and exhibit alongside other organizations from your area?

Benefits of exhibiting as part of an international delegation often include:

• The opportunity to complete the application process in your native language.

• Many pavilions may provide decorations, travel assistance, financial aid, and other services for your booth.

Overseas delegations are currently set to attend from:

Get in Touch for Details

Partnering System Accounts

Exhibition fees also include a number of accounts for the Partnering system.
The number of accounts included is listed below.

Exhibitor Category Partnering system accounts Each account includes:
Standard Exhibitors 4 accounts / booth
  • Access to the Partnering system
  • Access to the Exhibition & Seminar venues and the Partnering area
  • Access to the two evening parties
Trial Booths 1 account / booth
Academic Package / University / TLO Booths 1 account / booth

Seminars and Presentations

Deliver a seminar or presentation to announce your research results or publicize your products and services!
Prices start as low as 50,000 JPY.

Exhibitor Categories

Cell production /
culture technology/

ES cells, iPS cell, pluripotent stem cell, cancer stem cell, somatic stem cell, mesenchymal cell, hematopoietic stem cell, cell preservation/cell bank, differentiation induction, cell proliferation/differentiation factor, chemokine, angiogenesis, cell sheet, 3D culture technology, artificial organs/tissues, cell transplantation/transfer, bone marrow, cord blood, artificial skin, chondrocyte culture, antibody generation, gene cloning, synthesis service, various cell strains, etc.

Culture medium/

Stem cell culture medium, iPS cell culture medium, mouse ES cell culture medium, serum, hematopoietic stem cell culture solution, lymphocyte culture solution, human ES/iPSC culture reagent, RNA isolation reagent, protein engineering reagent, genetic research reagent, cytokine/growth factor research reagent, immunology/cell research reagent, hematopoietic precursor cell culture reagent, growth factors, etc.

Drug discovery

Cell for use in drug discovery research, disease‐specific iPS cell, liposome/polymer micelle/nanogel, etc., DDS, gene therapeutics, cancer therapy vaccine, undifferentiated cell culture/compound differentiation induction, candidate substance screening, iPS cell bank, etc.

System and Tools
Cell markers/cell separation, gene transfer vector, gene analysis/bio informatics, biomechanics, molecular imaging, tissue engineering biomaterial, signal transduction/control, quality control (assessment), processing, preservation (freezing/defrosting), probe arrays, DNA chip, protein chip, biosensor/actuator, biodegradable material, microTAS, DNA sequence analysis, DNA microarray, analysis software, etc.
Equipment, etc.

Cell culture & processing facility, cell culture equipment/culture base material, cell counting devices, automatic cell observation equipment, in‐vivo gene transfer equipment, fluorescence microscopes, electron microscope, nextgeneration sequencer, petri dish, cell transport/preservation, system/package, model animal, regulatory
science/ethics/law, etc., immune response control using regulatory T cells, bio 3‐D printers, etc.


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