Oct. 13 (Fri.) ,2017 15:30-17:00

Annex Hall

Simultaneous Interpretation

【O-20】 Recent progress in development of nucleic acid therapeutics

The development research of nucleic acid medicine that began in the 1980's
has repeatedly rise and retreat many times so far, but now it is time to revitalize again. In 2013, the first systemically administered antisense drug was
approved, and last year, two nucleic acid drugs were approved, and following
these is awaited. Recently, development of nucleic acid medicine by many
pharmaceutical companies has been actively conducted, and over 100 nucleic
acid derivatives are progressing to preclinical and clinical trials.
In this session, we will introduce the latest and up-to- date molecular
technologies related to the design and development of nucleic acid medicine
and the latest trends on its DDS technology.



Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokyo University of Science.

Development of molecular technologies for highly stable and active nucleic
acid drugs

Takeshi Wada

Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokyo University of Science.

DNA/RNA heteroduplex oligonucleotide

Takanori Yokota

Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurological Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Application of BONAC nucleic acid to intractable diseases

Hidekazu Toyofuku

Director, BONAC

Microfluidic Technologies for Biomembrane Engineering and the Bottom-Up Construction of Artificial Cells: lessons learnt and applications for nucleic acids

Oscar Ces

Professor of Chemical Biology; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London

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