Oct. 11 (Wed.) ,2017 13:15-14:15

Annex Hall

Simultaneous Interpretation

Japanese Session

【S-3】 Nitto Pharmaceutical Industries

Postbiotics to benefit everybody – health promotion by HYA, a gut microbial lipid metabolite –

Our intestine is inhabited by a large diverse microbiota. It is important to reveal gut microbial metabolism of food component and understand the effects of the metabolites. The newly found gut microbial lipid metabolites, HYA, will promote our health and expand our knowledge of the molecular basis on the mutual relationship between the host and the gut microbiota. The progress could open a new concept “postbiotics to benefit everybody”.


Jun Ogawa

Professor, Grad. Sch. Agric., Kyoto Univ.

Gut microbial metabolites "postbiotics" to health benefit for everybody

Jun Ogawa

Professor, Grad. Sch. Agric., Kyoto Univ.

Host energy regulation via omega-6 fatty acids conversion by commensal bacteria

Ikuo Kimura

Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Industrial application of functional hydroxy fatty acid; 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid produced by gut lactic acid bacteria

Yasunori Yonejima

section manager, Nitto Pharma

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