Oct. 11 (Wed.) ,2017 15:30-16:30

Annex Hall

Simultaneous Interpretation

【S-5】 Chugai Pharmaceutical

Chugai's Strengths in Drug Discovery

Chugai’s drug discovery capabilities are world-class, as illustrated by the five FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designations for three Chugai origin products. In this session, we will introduce our R&D strategy and drug discovery platform with the research history of Chugai’s original projects that recieved breakthrough therapy designation.


Hisafumi Okabe, Ph.D

Senior Vice President, Chugai Pharmaceutical

Drug discovery of small molecule kinase inhibitors: Dicovery of an ALK inhibitor alectinib

Hiroshi Sakamoto, Ph.D

Group manager, Discovery Pharmacology Dept.

Continuous innovative drug discovery utilizing antibody engineering technologies

Tomoyuki Igawa, Ph.D

Director, Chief Executive Officer and Research Head, Chugai Pharmabody Research

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