Open Stage Seminar Oct. 13 (Fri.) ,2017 13:25-13:55

【Special Seminar ③】

Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine


Kazuhiro Yokota

Deputy Manager, Business Development, Takara Bio

Yoshitaka Tamai

Director, Business Development Department, Chromocenter

Kenichi Yamahara

Director, Japan Biomedical

Seiji Hori

Executive Officer, iPS Portal

Takahiro Iwamiya

Co-founder, Co-CEO, Metcela

Introduction of RMIT of FIRM and Promising Venture Companies

RMIT Committee of FIRM plays a key role as a point of contact for accelerated industrialization of regenerative medicine and gene/cell therapy in Japan. To introduce the active ventures of FIRM.

◆chromocenter Inc.
Reliable regenerative medicines start from chromosome analyses. 〜 From basic research to medical application for practical use 〜

◆Japan Biomedical Co., Ltd.
We introduce NeoSERA to provide safe raw materials for the fields of vaccine and regenerative medicine cell culture production.

◆iPS Portal,Inc
Open the Future of Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine with iPS technologies.

◆Metcela Inc.
Metcela is a biotechnology startup developing innovative regenerative therapy for heart failure by taking advantage of its proprietary fibroblast technology.