Open Stage Seminar Oct. 13 (Fri.) ,2017 14:25-15:25

【Special Seminar ③】

Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine


Katsunori Tsuchiya

Chair, Supporting Industries Committee, Forum for Immovatove Regenerative Medicine

Koichi Takechi

Associate Manager, Wako Pure Chemical Industries

Hideshi Hattori

Manager, Dai Nippon Printing

Introduction of activities for Supporting Industries Committee, Reagents and Culture Media WG, Plasticware, Consumables and Materials WG

  • Supporting Industries Committee will discuss how the periheral industries that support the regenerative medicine should be structured from viewpoints of both suppliers and users, and then, in close cooperation with other committees of FIRM, creates a high value chain that promotes the peripheral industries.
  • The Committee is establishing specialized working groups for five fields, the drivers to create the value chain: (1) Cell Processing Facilities (2) Cell Processing System (3) Reagents and Culture Media (4)Logistics(5)Plasticware, Consumables and Materials(6)Test and measurement Equipment. Examining FIRM's original standards and case studies that each group must adhere to, the committee aims to publish FIRM's standards.