Open Stage Seminar Oct. 11 (Wed.) ,2017 14:50-15:00

【Company Presentations】



Shoji Ohya

Engineering Manager, Ph.D., Regenerative Medicine Business Division

Regenerative Medicine Business of FUJIFILM

Fujifilm has transformed itself into a company covering prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.Fujifilm has already possessed Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd., Cellular Dynamics International, Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. Fujifilm offers wide range of solution and products such as ①iPSC-derived differentiated cells(iCell, MyCell), ②Regenerative medicine products(JACE, JACC), cell culturing work under commission from other companies and institutions and related consulting service, ③Media and scaffold to grow cells as a leading company in regenerative medicine.This session will introduce you FUJIFILM's challenge and activity to the market.