Open Stage Seminar Oct. 13 (Fri.) ,2017 11:00-11:15

【Company Presentations】



Yoshiyuki Hiraishi

Hitachi, Ltd. Healthcare Mitaka Works. Rgenerative Medicine Solution Division

Hitachi Group’s Approach to Regenerative Medicine.

In the field of regenerative medicine Hitachi is proposing total value chain provided as “One Hitachi” approach from medical infrastructure to manufacturing infrastructure, by consolidating know-how developed through research & development works as well as related technologies that take advantage of open innovation.
 Regenerative medicine solutions that Hitachi aims to supply consist of IT systems at treatment sites such as hospitals, and equipment for diagnosis and testing prior to surgery and after surgery. Design construction and management systems of CPC, cell manufacturing sites, and manufacturing equipment such as safety cabinets are also provided.
 Hitachi has been developing automated cell culture equipment that can be used for regenerative medicine as a national project since 2000. By using fully enclosed circuits and culture vessels for the cell culture equipment, maintaining their sterility and change over requiring less labor are being investigated.
 The introduction of Hitachi various solutions in the field of regenerative medicine, especially automated iPS cell culture equipment for research use developed this year will be shown in this lecture,