Open Stage Seminar Oct. 12 (Thu.) ,2017 13:45-13:55

【Company Presentations】

iPS Portal


Seiji Hori

Life Science Div

Develop the future of Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine with iPS technology

The corporate mission of iPS Portal inc. is to fascilitate corporate activity in the new field of regenerative medicine and drug development using iPS technology in Japan.
* Disiease specific iPS cell: we specially approved to make commercial iPS cell from patient blood under the national strategic zone low. In addition, we colaborate with Japan's largest cell bank, Riken BRC, to fascilitate the usage of stored cells.
* Consulting and equipment/reagent experiment on contract: our CRO service is not only the evaluation service but also strategic consulting.
* Education: from biginners to experts of cell culture. We offer special education plan for managers and CEOs.