Open Stage Seminar Oct. 12 (Thu.) ,2017 14:15-14:25

【Company Presentations】



So Tsujimoto

Planning and Development Department

Introduction of "Live Transport Device" & "Constant Temperature Transport BOX" for various cells and living tissues

In recent years, the need to transport (live transport) iPS cells and other various cells and living tissues under the same conditions as the culture temperature range (36℃), or the environmental condition(24℃) of the Cell Processing Center (CPC) or the medical site has been increasing.
Samplertec's "iP-TEC®" series proposes an optimal combination of transportation devices (primary containers, secondary containers, tertiary containers, temperature stabilizer, auxiliary devices) in response to such demands, We realize "live transport" according to purpose.
In the lecture, we introduce the concept and function of the "iP-TEC®" series, along with past examples.