Open Stage Seminar Oct. 13(Fri.) ,2017 11:55-12:40

Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association


Ken-ichi Uemura

Technical Director

The deveropment of medium change and scale-up method for iPS cell stirred suspension culture

Masanori Wada

Manager, R and D section, ABLE

The stirred suspension culture is extremely effective method for culturing human iPS cells in large scale. In this presentation, I will show the examples of scale up culture and medium exchange method.

Commercialization of transportation vessel for biological samples


Cryopreservation Project Research and Development Div., TAIYO NIPPON SANSO

Recently, it is expected that regenerative medicine using mesenchymal stem cells will be practical. The more safe and accurate cryo-transportation for biological samples is also expected. However, the method of cryo-transportation using liquid nitrogen in laboratory has been thought little.  For the reason, we have developed inner transpotation vessel based on cryogenic experimentation and some advice and ideas.
Finally, we reached to commercialization of the practical and functional cryo-transportation vessel "CryoPortable".Let us introduce about this vessel.

Technology of Temperature controlled shipping packaging “TACPack”

Sato Keiji

Manager, R&D Division, Tamai Kasei

TACPack is reliable temperature controlled package which perfectly keeps temperature-sensitive products within a safe temperature range during the transit. (*Settable temperature range: -50℃ ~ +37℃)

Quantitative evaluation of cell culture operation

Hodaka Makino

Ogino Memorial Laboratory, NIHON KOHDEN

While the quality of cellular products highly depends on the skill level of cell culture operations, such skill has not been quantified. Here we developed a new device for quantitatively evaluating the skill level by monitoring acceleration of a culture dish during cell culture operations. This device can be used not only for evaluating the skill level of cell culture operators, but also for designing an automated cell culture system by the use of quantified data of culture operations made by the specialists.

Development of ulrta large suspension culture system for iPS cells

Tomohiro Tokura

Cell Processing Technology R&D Section Advanced Medical Business Promotion Department, FUJIMORI KOGYO

It is expected that regenerative medicie and cell therapy will be an altanative treatment to orphan deseases.
For practical application of regenerative medicine by using pluripotent stem cell, it is necesarry to develop mass culture system for stem cells wchich is needed more than liter-scale. We are developing mass culture system for iPS cells, and we would like to introduce our single-use bioreactor "Tres-Cuna™".