Oct. 12 (Wed.) ,2016 13:15-16:00

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Flanders Investment & Trade

The 17th Flanders Lifesciences Seminar

Decades of advanced knowhow, academically-trained and entrepreneurial people, and continuous innovation: these are the main ingredients that have made Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, a world leader in life sciences. More than 150 life sciences companies, with 13 000 employees in total, are working closely with universities, research institutes and hospitals. They form a mature and unique life sciences cluster in the heart of Europe. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation and friendship between Japan and Belgium, 11 leading organizations/companies from Flanders will participate in this seminar and demonstrate how various organizations/companies are operating a world-class research infrastructure and how they interact in a successful and efficient way to create the present strength of Belgium-Flanders in biotechnology and life sciences. All attendees to the seminar are invited to the Networking Reception at BioJapan Flanders Pavilion after the seminar.


Ben Kloeck

Technology Director, Flanders Invesetment & Trade, Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo

A Life Sciences Driven Network Economy

Henk Joos

Managing Director, FlandersBio

Functional Respiratory Imaging : Novel Diagnostics For Lung Diseases

Jan De Backer

CEO, Fluidda

Building Your Future Life Science Product With Imec’s Smart Silicon Chip Solutions

Liesbet Lagae

Program Director Life Science Technologies, IMEC

The Idylla™ Advantage: Personalized Medicine Made Simple

Erik Vossenaar

VP Business Development, Biocartis

Improving Accuracy In Diagnostics, Prevention And Treatment In Infectious Diseases and Oncology

Vanessa Vankerckhoven

CEO, Novosanis

Alzheimer’s and the Noise, Why So Many Treatments Fail — but Some Might NoAlzheimer’s And The Noise, Why So Many Treatments Fail — But Some Might Not

Koen De Witte

Managing Director, reMYND

R&D To Advance Companies in Developing Technological Solutions For Health Problems

Jef Hooyberghs

Health Programme manager, VITO

HE Geert Bourgeois

Minister-President of the Government of Flanders Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy and Immovable Heritage

DMAT Biomarker Detection Platform MyCartis Technology

François Topin

SVP Commercial Affairs, MyCartis

amatsiQBiologicals – Production of Biologicals, Process Development and Manufacturing

Karine Clauwaert

Director Business Development, amatsiQBiologicals

20 years VIB, The Impact on Flander’s Life Sciences Landscape

Lieve Ongena

Sr Science Policy Manager, VIB

Closing address

Ben Kloeck

Technology Director, Flanders Investment and Trade

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