Oct. 13 (Thu.) ,2016 13:30-15:00

Annex Hall

Drug and Drug Discovery

Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Modern Natural Products Dryg Discovery in Asia

Although natural products used to be a critical starting point in drug discovery, a lot less pharmaceutical companies have focused on natural products these days. However, natural products are still attractive drug seeds due to their structural diversity and unique biological activity. Asian counties with rich biodiversity have strived to pursue the potential of natural products in drug discovery. In this seminar, four panelists will talk about activities taken by their countries. In addition, we will discuss how to maximize potential of natural products in drug discovery by a cross boarder open innovation.


Yoshinori Ikeura



Nares Damrongchai


Natural products drug discovery in Taiwan

Tsu-Hwie Annie Liu

Director of Industrial Information, DCB

Natural Product ​-​ based Drug Discovery in Thailand

Wanchai De-eknamkul

Assoc. Prof., Chulalongkorn University

Expediting the Malaysian Natural Resources for Prospective Anti-Cancer Therapies

Pei-Jean Tan

Post-Doctoral Scientist, Cancer Research Malaysia

Lead discovery form natural sources in Eisai

Akifumi Okuda

Principal Scientist, Eisai

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