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Funding Innovation for Scale in the US Market

The US State of Ohio under the leadership of Governor John Kasich, has consistently promoted investment into future enabling technologies and systems. A range of recent developments saw in July this year the introduction of a new provision, the Jobs Ohio Research & Development grant, with initial total funding authorization of $50 million. This is the latest addition to the State’s powerful platform that supports and nurtures high potential businesses, including funding for innovation for scale in this huge market.

In healthcare, innovation ranging from cutting edge regenerative medicine to efficiency in manufacturing process and combinations of both in areas such as digital health, a partnership with Ohio is providing powerful leverage to some of the world’s most innovative companies ambitious to scale their activities in the world’s largest market.

This session at Bio Japan offers an opportunity to learn more and to hear directly from industry innovation leader Dr Hiroyuki Fujita, founder and CEO of Quality Electrodynamics (QED) how his partnership with Ohio has supported him in successfully realizing his vision to bring innovative capabilities and product solutions to the world’s most demanding market.

Japan’s capabilities at the forefront of technology and development in regenerative medicine can similarly benefit from this significant potential. The session will focus on partnerships and funding innovation for scale in the U.S. market and promises to highlight some exciting possibilities!

Funding for Scale

Aaron Pitts

Senior Managing Director, JobsOhio

A Story of QED "Connecting the Dots"

Hiroyuki Fujita

President & CEO, Quality Electrodynamics

Closing Remarks

Holly Vineyard

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

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