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Exhibitor Information

Exhibit at BioJapan, Asia’s premier partnering event for the global biotechnology industry.

All prices listed excluding tax unless otherwise indicated

Exhibition Fees

■ Standard Exhibitors (includes Raw Space only)
1 Space (3m×3m=9m²)

Early Bird Discount Fee
(available until March 29, 2019)
400,000 JPY / space
Standard Fee 450,000 JPY / space
Includes :
Booth not included.
Arrange your own booth or order
one of our low-cost package booths
4 accounts / space

30-minute Presentation
in Exhibition Hall
250,000 JPY / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY / account
(tax included)
  • Exhibitors choosing this option must either provide their own booth or purchase a package booth from the exhibition’s official contractor (see below).

■ Trial Booth (for First-time Exhibitors only)
1 Booth (2m×2m=4m²)

Fee 300,000 JPY / booth
Includes :
6m² Package booth:
Click here for details
2 accounts / booth

30-minute Presentation
in Exhibition Hall
150,000 JPY / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY / account
(tax included)

■ Startup Booth
1 Booth (2m×2m=4m²)

Fee 250,000 JPY / booth
Includes :
4m² Package booth:
2 accounts / booth

30-minute Presentation
in Exhibition Hall
100,000 JPY / 30 mins.
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY / account
(tax included)

■ Academic Package (for Universities/Tech Transfer only)
1 Booth (2m×2m=4m²)

Fee 120,000 JPY / booth
Includes :
4m² Package Booth
Click here for details
1 account / booth 30-minute Presentation


Additional University Booth
70,000 JPY / booth
※includes 1 account
Additional Partnering
System Account
70,000 JPY / account
(tax included)
Additional 30-minute Presentation
50,000 JPY /30 mins.
  • Includes a pre-fabricated exhibition booth (2m×2m=4m²) with basic equipment and a 30-minute presentation. Total value = 150,000 JPY.
  • If you only require an exhibition booth (and no presentation), the total fee is 100,000 JPY..

Partnering System Accounts

Exhibition fees also include a number of accounts for the Partnering system.
The number of accounts included is listed below.

Exhibitor Category Partnering system accounts Each account includes:
Standard Exhibitors 4 accounts / booth
  • Access to the Partnering system
  • Access to the Exhibition & Seminar venues and the Partnering area
  • Access to the two evening parties
Trial Booth
Startup Booth
2 account / booth
Academic Package
University Booths
1 account / booth

Seminars and Presentations

Deliver a seminar or presentation to announce your research results or publicize your products and services!
Prices start as low as 50,000 JPY.

Exhibitor Categories

Drug and
drug discovery
  • Small-molecule drug, biologics, and vaccine
  • Drug delivery system (DDS)
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
Drug Discovery
support and
contract services
  • Drug synthesis services
  • Analysis contract services
  • Chemical compound libraries and screening
  • Contract services for raising laboratory animals and conducting animal testing
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Site management organizations (SMOs)
  • Corporate research support software and laboratory information systems
Medical treatment,
and medical devices
and equipments
  • Gene therapy
  • Regenerative medicine encompassing cells, culture solutions, culture mediums, reagents, etc.
  • Immunotherapy
  • Genetic testing
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Biomarkers
  • Medical devices
  • Micro-chemicals for micro total analysis systems (TAS), biochips, biosensors, etc.
and livestock raising
  • Functional food and food ingredients
  • Food additives and food-use enzymes
  • Food testing
  • Breed improvement
  • Incubation, cultivation, and preservation
  • Veterinary medicine and vaccine
Chemical products
and cosmetics
  • Biorefinery
  • Cosmetics including raw materials and finished products
  • Chemical products including raw materials and finished products
Environment and
  • Biomaterials and bioenergy
  • Biomass plastics
  • Environmental restoration, waste processing and recycling
  • Environmental testing
Research devices,
disposables and
  • Research devices
  • Bioinformatics
  • Bioimaging
  • Research-use reagents including chemicals, nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies
  • Research-use disposables including chips, plates, columns, and membranes
  • Contract services for raising laboratory animals
  • Equipment, facilities, and factories
Universities and
  • Technology licensing organizations (TLOs)
  • Collaborative projects between industry and academia
Intellectual property,
and financial services
  • Patent offices and services covering patents and intellectual property
  • Law firms and legal services
  • Venture capital and institutional investors
  • Stock exchanges and securities companies
  • Accounting firms
government and
public support
  • Support for corporate R&D and researchers
  • Assistance in localizing and attracting industry
  • Assistance in entering foreign markets
Other services
  • Temporary staff services
  • Transport, international delivery, and storage services
  • Consulting on technology, manufacturing, management, financial and other areas


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