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2018 New Exhibition Zones

We've established three new zones within the exhibition hall this year, each focusing on one of three branches of technology that are set to make waves in biotech and regenerative medicine in the near future.

Smart Cell Industry Zone

Smart Cell Industry Zone

The development of technology for producing expression-controlled cells is bringing the world one step closer to treating hitherto incurable diseases.
The technology also allows for the development of new materials and energy sources, potentially revolutionizing the world of industry.

Exhibitor Categories
  • Biofuels, Bioethanol
  • Biorefinery
  • New biomaterials
  • Synthetic biology / genome editing
  • Algae-derived biofuel
  • e-bio, microbial batteries/fuel cells (MFCs)
  • Pharmaceutical production / functional material production / plant
  • Cell culture equipment
  • Plant factories
  • Plant breeding

Floor Layout

Floor Layout


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