Open Stage Seminar Oct. 12 (Fri.)  15:30 ~ 16:30

Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine
Supporting Industries Committee

Jun Otomo

Vice chair, Supporting Industries Committee, Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine

Yoichi Shibata

Vice President, R&I Business Development, Sysmex Corporation R&I Business Development Business Strategy Development

Kazumi Abe

General Manager, Life Science Innovation Div., SAROUTE

Introduction of activities for Supporting Industries Committee, Test and measurement Equipment WG, Logistics WG

・Supporting Industries Committee of FIRM discusses how the periheral industries that support the regenerative medicine should be structured from viewpoints of both suppliers and users, and then, in close cooperation with other committees of FIRM, creates a high value chain that promotes the peripheral industries.

・The Committee has established specialized working groups for six fields: (1) Cell Processing Facilities, (2) Cell Processing Equipments, (3) Reagents and Culture Media, (4)Logistics, (5)Plasticware, Consumables and Materials, and (6)Test and Measurement Equipments. Each working group has been working on creating industrial guides and/or case studies that are called "FIRM Guides" or "FIRM Case Studies", respectively. In this session, we will introduce "FIRM Case Studies on Test and Measurement Equipments" and "FIRM Guide on Transportation (2nd edition)".

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