Open Stage Seminar Oct. 12 (Fri.)  15:00 ~ 15:30

Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine

Kozu Inoue

Key Account Manager, Industry Sales Depertment

Yuji Atsuzawa

Manager, Biological and Chemical Products Division, Nippi

Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Asistant General Manager, Technical Headquarters, Osaka Sanitary

Mengtsu Tsai

Ph.D. in Biological Technical Researcher, Technical Headquarters, Osaka Sanitary 

Shinji Ono

Executive officer, Head of Research Support Center 

Introduction of RMIT Committee and Promising Companies.

RMIT Committee of FIRM plays a key role as a point of contact for accelerated industrialization of regenerative medicine and gene/cell therapy in Japan. We introduce the active companies of FIRM.

・BioMerieux Japan Co.,Ltd. : BioMérieux offers microbial testing products and BacT/ALERT can speed up sterility test. Here are examples of KitePharma's CAR-T cell products.

・Nippi Inc.:Gelatin,collagen and collagenase for medical use.

・Osaka Sanitary Co., Ltd.:We introduce our technical seeds from beer and daily milk industries sanitation technology that is gentle and stress free floating cells culture system with a lot and safety without mechanical share stress.

・BIOTECH LAB INC.:We will introduce our Share-Laboratory project. We lend wet-lab-space and equipment for every researchers from one-day, at lower prices.


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