Open Stage Seminar Oct. 12 (Fri.) 11:00 ~ 11:40



Cryopreservation Project Research and Development Div.

Development of transportation vessel for biosamples "CryoHandy" and automatic cryo-preservation machine "CryoLibrary Advance"

Recently, it is expected that regenerative medicine using stem cells will be practical. The more safe and accurate cryo-transportation for biological samples is also expected. However, the method of cryo-transportation using liquid nitrogen in laboratory has been thought little.  For the reason, we have developed inner transpotation vessel based on cryogenic experiment and some advice and ideas. Finally, we reached to commercialization of the practical and functional cryo-transportation vessel "CryoPortable".This Vessel is already launched. Let us introduce about this vessel. Additionally, we want to introduce automatic cryo-preservation machine "Cryolibrary Advance" for large amount of biosamples.

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