Open Stage Seminar Oct. 10 (Wed.) 13:15 ~ 13:25


Masahiko Kato

Director, Protein Business Development, R&I Business Development

Production of Differentiation Factors by Silkworm-Baculovirus Expression System

Many kinds of differentiation factors, cytokines and growth factors, are used in the researches of cell differentiation and, generally, these factors are produced as a recombinant protein expressed in E.coli, insect cells, or mammalian cells. In our established expression system named Silkworm-baculovirus expression system (SBES), silkworm itself, not cultured cell, is used as an expression host for producing recombinant protein. In comparison with other expression systems, adjustment of production scale is easy because yield of recombinant protein just depends on the number of silkworm. We will show some cases of production of differentiation factors by using SBES in our presentation.

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