Open Stage Seminar Oct. 11 (Thu.)  11:30 ~ 11:40


Shigehiro Yoshimura

Project Manager, Cryopreservation Project, Project Administration Sec, Research and Development Div

Development of liquid nitrogen cryopreservation equipment

Taiyo Nippon Sanso has delivered numerous cryopreservation systems such as domestic major cell banks so far. We believe that cryopreservation technology is indispensable for full-scale commercialization of regenerative medicine and cell medicine in the future, so we have advanced development of new liquid nitrogen related equipment. This time, we will report our development about storage form and storage scale of vial box and blood bag of automatic cryopreservation system "Cryo Library" series and development of frozen delivery equipment such as a dry shipper which absorbs liquid nitrogen inside vacuum insulation container.

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